About Kshetra Books

About Kshetra Books

Kshetra [Sanskrit]. A sphere of action; a field, a body. The field or body in which the spiritual knower works; in another sense applied to the field of action of a being in which it works and manifests.
Kshetrajna [from kshetra field + jña knower]. The knower in or of the field.

“This perishable body, O son of Kunti, is known as Kshetra; those who are acquainted with the true nature of things call the soul who knows it, the Kshetrajna. . . .
“Know, O chief of the Bharatas, that whenever anything is produced, whether animate or inanimate, it is due to the union of the Kshetra and Kshetrajna—body and the soul” (Bhagavad Gita, ch. 13).

The kshetra of Humanity’s Wisdom is its manifestation—the recorded knowledge of countless generations of philosophers, sages and scientists. It is this body of wisdom that has been passed down among the wise of every culture, and it is this which Kshetra Books aims to make available to its readers.

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“Philosophy and Divinity are but one and the same science: but man has dealt with knowledge, as he does with Rivers, and Wells, which being drawn into several pipes are made to run several ways, and by this accident come at last to have several names.”—Thomas Vaughan

Kshetra Books is a publisher specializing in ancient and modern philosophy, theosophy and spirituality. Our aim is to make the world’s rich heritage of Wisdom more easily available and affordable for anyone interested in exploring this grand inheritance. While many religions, sciences and philosophies differ in their approach to the nature of our shared reality, we firmly believe that any and all sincere seekers of Truth inevitably follow a path towards the same goal. Because of this, many of the world’s finest philosophers, sages and scientists, from all cultures and ages, have presented stunning similarities in their teachings and writings. The deeper and wider the modern seeker is able to apply their studies, the more they will begin to notice these similarities. The more they notice, the more they will begin to perceive a shared foundation to what initially may have appeared as separate, even irreconcilable, religious, philosophical and scientific systems.

The collections we provide through our publications endeavor to give the student the opportunity to unveil ever more of this foundation of wisdom. Begin where you find your interest drawing you, but keep an eye always open for the threads that bind each book to each other.

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